iPad Rehab

1.) First--get a no fix = no fee quote (Form below)
We don't take every problem.  This allows us to offer a no fix = no fee solutions for the service that we provide based on the history of your device and problem.   If we cannot fix your device you will only be invoiced for return shipping and reassembly if needed.                                                                                                                                                    (There is a $20 reassembly fee charged for no fix devices that need complete reassembly)     

If you are in a hurry, call us for a quote (585) 397-4174  

2.) You have a verbal quote and are ready to send your device, fill out an online work request using the form below.

This lets us know to expect your device in for repair.  After you fill out the following forms, go to Mailing Instructions, to prepare your device for service-don't forget to include your Printable info Sheet with each device you send us.  You will not receive a formal ticket until after your device is received and we match your device/info sheet to your online request.  This may be 1-2 days after your device is received if our volume is high.  If your tracking indicates that we received your device and it has not been checked in after 2 days---feel free to inquire about it.  

Get a Quote/Work Request


Phone #



After you have filled out these forms- sit tight, I will reply with a quote and shipping instructions.  Do not send any devices to us prior to receiving this quote. 

Typical turn around time for straightforward micro soldering jobs is 3-5 days.  Jobs that require extensive repair and troubleshooting could take 2-6 weeks to solve.  Rush service is available- see Mailing Instructions for details.